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Brodmuir the Politician " George "

(check out George's page)


Brodmuir His Masters Voice " Patrick "

(check out Patrick's page)


NZ Ch Brodmuir the Black Code " Codey "

(check out Codey's page)


BIS, BISS NZ Gr Ch & Aust Ch Blackcombe King Von Boylan (Imp Aust) " Peja "

(check out Peja's page)


Aust Ch Gelderland No Regrets at Brodmuir (AI)(Imp Aust) " Guy "

(check out Guy's page)


Lockstock New Yorker at Brodmuir (Imp Aust) " York "

(check out York's page)


NZ Gr Ch Klassic-Krug of Blaydon at Brodmuir " Krug "

(check out Krug's page)


BISS NZ Ch Blackcombe Diana (Imp Aust) " Diana "

(check out Diana's page)


NZ Ch Brodmuir Eye Candy " Candy "

(check out Candy's page)


NZ Ch Designed for Brodpark " Des "

(check out Des's page)


NZ Ch Allgemein Era at Brodmuir " Era "

(check out Era's page)


NZ Ch Brodmuir The X Factor " Maxi "

(check out Maxi's page)


BIS, BISS NZ Ch Blackcombe Cracker (Imp Aust) " Jack "

(check out Jack's page)


NZ Ch Romanmoors Recognition at Janfirs (Imp UK) " Cash "

(check out Cash's page)


NZ Ch Blackcombe Kes (Imp Aust) " Ava "

(check out Ava's page)


NZ Ch Nivelle Elite (Imp UK) " Damien "

(check Damien's page)


Aust Ch Brodmuir Pinot Noir at Blackcombe " Pinot"

(check out Pinot's page)



Aust Ch Brodmuir Pretty Pandora " Pandora"

(check out Pandora's page)



Brodmuir Bling It On " Bling"

(check out Bling's page)



Brodmuir Miss Millicent " Millie"

(check out Millie's page)


NZ Ch Brodmuir Her Business "Penny "

(check out Penny's page)



NZ & Aust Ch Blackcombe Bridget (Imp Aust ) " Bridget"





NZ Ch Brodpark Airs & Graces " Vogue"





Aust & NZ Ch Liebhund Opal Negra " Cairo"





NZ Ch Linden Grange Miss McFie " Abby"





NZ Ch Brodpark First Choice " Ceasar"




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