Oz Camper - Brock


“Brock has been on his first camping trip with the extended family (and lots of kids with energy!!!) and had an absolute ball!


He loved playing football AFL style, soccer and even slept in the tent with Rob and I for 2 nights. Tried to hog the blankets of course and snores a LOT so we found out!!…hehe…


Here are some updated photo below at the campsite, hee is just over 4 months….


He is growing soooo fast and is so very smart for his age… all of the ladies at Puppy School think he is so beautiful and so very smart and well behaved. Perfect choice!


Thank you once again. “ 

 Eve J






 Stella at home, one of the family







Brocks Owner writes - "Brock is doing really well growing really fast already and we absolutely love him. He is the Best! Eve"


"Brock enjoying the Melbourne sunshine at home"



"Brock with my nephew Ryan who absolutely loves him!!!"


Karen and Family pictured here


Bailey's owner writes: "Thanks again for the most amazing little dog, she has fitted into the family since day one, on the first day of having her she went straight inside and sat at Brooklyn's feet! and is a really neat little sweetie.  Brooklyn gets into bed with her and 'Tank' (the bulldog) and reads them stories! It's very sweet and the dogs just love her."


Pictured here is Brooklyn reading a story to Bailey the Rottweiler.






This is the beautiful "Inca", already chilling out and watching 'sky'. 

Inca lives with Tania and family, and as you can see, is very much part of the family.









This is Gus, he lives with Stacey and Luke.

Pictured here at 14 weeks. 





  "Kan" lives with Tijana and family.








                    He loves swimming and the forest.








Southern pictured with
Ping and Pong.

 He is Julie and Paul's bundle of joy and lives the life of a king, as you can see.





Patrick lives with John,

pictured with his mate Bonnie. 


As you can see they have

plenty of laughs!



Brodmuir Double Whammy



Wham is much loved, and

lives with Bernie, her family and "Zep" the German Shepherd!




They are great chums and keep the property well looked after!




Koda and Zeus


Here is an image of Koda

at 3 months of age and

already in a 'sit stay'!


He lives with his brother Zeus

and is much loved by Cathy






Pictured here all grown up.




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